White-Board (VLE)Project

A Virtual Learning Environment is a set of teaching and learning tools but not as typical as in a classroom. This particular environment is designed to teach and learn while being remotely away from the teacher, student, or classmates. VLE is meant to enhance the learning experience with the inclusion of computers and Internet in the learning process.


Learning environment has a vast background. It started in the ancient times when people write with feathers or emboss information on rocks. These times could also be called as having a learning environment as people conveyed the stones or feather-written ink-blotted papers to one another, and learning environments have this key characteristic of passing down the knowledge from end to another.

Features of Project:

  • VNC Screen sharing
  • VOIP
  • Drawing panel with toolbox
  • Instant registration/joining
  • Text mode to switch drawing mode
  • Supports 10-users at a time

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Presented as Final Year Project In Institute:

Project Files & Source