Virtual Learning Software for sale

Welcome to this blog, here we’re introducing “Virtual Learning Environment Software” that you may would like to consider for your teaching/learning environment.  Here we will start by describing this (VLE Software features).

It is a software that allow teacher to register/create class either public or private.

Once class is created on its specified students can join that class

If created class is public then class is open for all interested student, if its private all students who wish to purchase require a password to enter.

On class start at teacher and student both will see a whiteboard screen with tools panel like below image:

Whatever teacher write here student will see on their screen.

Students will also able to listen what teacher is saying.

Teacher will able to pass control to specific student to write on the same board.

This is a project of “Elambak” to purchase or quries contact at:

Complete project will cost 1500$ (500$ in advance rest once all your requirement is completed)

Please have a look on complete project report at below link.

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